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gimme kraft AIR

Gimme Kraft - Patrick Matros, Ludwig Korb, Hannes HuchFrom the publishers of the ground breaking Gimme Kraft training regime comes Gimme Kraft Air, essential basic training for climbers. Physiotherapist Simon Friedrich offers the best training exercises to build a routine to aid faster recovery; improve mobility, stability & strength; avoid injuries; and to climb better and have fun.

After an initial phase of rapid improvement, climbers usually hit a frustrating performance plateau and a barrier to progress. When you only strengthen your strengths you will most definitely get stuck! With some variety in your training however, you can build a solid foundation to yield more success and break through the barrier. So here is a collection of the best exercises to systematically develop mobility, stability and strength. This will not only help to prevent injuries but also take climbing skills to the next level.

The book is bilingual (English & German) and sets out basic training principles, warm up and mobility, kraft (strength), and cool down & stretches. Published October 2016.


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