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Better bouldering -john sherman

Better BoulderingBouldering legend John Sherman shares his techniques and tricks plus more than 300 new colour photos from around the world.This thouroughly revised and updated 2nd edition (2012) presents all the tricks gleaned from the thirty-six-year bouldering career of John Sherman, allowing both beginning and accomplished boulderers to learn from the author's experiences rather than their own mistakes. For those of you young guns that don't know him, his nickname 'Vermin' put the 'V' in V-grades which he started.

The new edition is the best dedicated handbook on bouldering techniques, tactics and training on the market just now. I'm bias though since I'm a co-author! I wrote the chapter on training for bouldering. I've tried to lay out the basics of adaptation to strength training and tried to guide you to be able to gain strength without becoming one of those ubiquitous steely strong youths you see in every climbing wall who can pull down harder than anyone yet somehow never manages to translate it into big number ticks on real rock.

Other guest contributors for this new edition are Paul Robinson, writing on competitions and gym bouldering and Angie Payne (V13 boulderer!) with a very much welcomed womans perspective on pushing your bouldering. Nico Brown's section on injuries is both pithy and informative with good solid advice on prevention and treatment of the common climbers injuries.


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