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echoes by nick bullock

Echoes by Nick BullockHe’s been called loud, opinionated, elitist and arrogant. His climbs and his writing have also been cited as an inspiration for lots of people. He’s one of the most accomplished British mountaineers around right now, and he’s into all the very British climbing adventures of all shapes and sizes - Scottish winter, tottering sea cliffs etc. The book is the story of his escape from a life as a prison officer in a high security jail, dealing with dangerous and, well, lets just say seriously unpleasant people every day to an uncertain life as a professional mountaineer. These days he is to be found on expedition to great mountains all over the world, or living in his van in north wales and going climbing every day.

All in all, he’s an ideal type of guy to write a thought provoking, entertaining and at times frightening book. And that’s exactly what Echoes is. It might leave you with more questions than answers about Nick, and yourself. Essential reading for anyone into having adventures.


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