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Extraorinary climbs

Extraordinary climbsDouble DVD featuring two BBC programmes I shot last year. The first is a re-enactment of one of the first recoreded climbs in the UK; a crossing by three men from the Western Isles onto the Great Stac of Handa in 1867. It was quite an experience to recreate their feat of daring and a window into a way of life now long gone. The inspiration to make a film about it came from an essay by Tom Patey in an old SMC journal, where he expressed his amazement at the strength and ingenuity of the Lewismen for rigging up a rope successfully and climbing across the huge gap to the stac. Patey himself had found the crossing desperate.

The second film couldn't be more different. Some of the UK's best rock features lie underground, in the huge networks of limestone caves beneath the dales of Yorkshire and the Peak District. Myself and Alan Cassidy went on a mission to see if there was good rock climbing to be had in the caves. What we found was pretty adventurous and definitely out of the ordinary. First off we climbed the stunning circular chamber of Jingling Pot in Yorkshire. But that was just a warm up for the 4-pitch monster 7c+ we climbed in Peak Cavern - the biggest cave opening in the peak, and our route was the first. It was quite a lucky and special experience. So we weren't about to mess it up. Double PAL DVD, 2 x 1 hour programmes.



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