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The munros in winter

The Munros in Winter - Martin MoranIn 1985 mountain guide Martin Moran achieved the first completion of all (as it was then) 277 Munros in a single winter with the support and companionship of his wife Joy. Their success was a feat of dedicated mountaineering and effective teamwork through the storms, snows and avalanches of an epic winter season in the Scottish Highlands. Martin's account of the winter journey became a classic mountain narrative, combining his passionate enthusiasm for the mountains with humorous insights into a marriage put to the test through three months of living in a camper van. It was described as the best guidebook to the Munros by mountain writer Jim Perrin.

This book inspired many other climbers, including myself, and runners to pick up the gauntlet in pursuit of new feats of endurance on Scotlands hills, and is now reissued in paperback with full colour photographs plus an introductory update by Martin on how the 'Munros in Winter' changed his life.

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