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the players

The Players DVDThe Players are the best American athletes of the modern rock-climbing era. Dave Graham, Chris Sharma, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, Chris Lindner, and Ethan Pringle. Each embody the progression of their sport. This showcase of action-packed footage reveals each player’s ability to make climbing at the pinnacle of their sport a daily routine. Featuring all disciplines of climbing, this is your chance to witness the swagger behind each players' style and explore the lifestyles they are pioneering all across the globe.



The Players DVD highlights include:

• Ethan Pringle on a 5.14 trad climbing spree in across Colorado's front range
• Chris Lindner on a deep water soloing adventure in Vietnam
• Emily Harrington sending 5.14 sport in China
• Lisa Rands bouldering in South Africa
• Chris Sharma tackling the Red River and New River Gorges
• Dave Graham bouldering around the world, including his new V15 The Island in Fontainebleau
• Alex Puccio pushing the limits of female bouldering in Colorado and Hueco Tanks
• Daniel Woods circuiting the sandstone boulders of Moe's Valley, Utah
• Joe Kinder exemplifies consistent performance at 5.14 on Kryptonite, Girl Talk, Zulu, and more



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