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Odyssey DVDRedemption: The James Pearson Story tells the controversial story of one of the World's best trad climbers, England's James Pearson. After a dramatic rise to become one of the top climbers in the UK, controversy surrounding the grading of his routes left him feeling ostracised from the climbing scene. The film tells James' story and follows his return to the UK as he faces his demons and looks to redeem his place within the UK climbing community. Running time 52 minutes; 160 minutes including extras.

Extra films:-

* E11 - Winner of Best Short Film Kendal Mountain Film Festival. The story of Dave MacLeod's first ascent of Rhapsody. 42 mins.

* Keen Youth - Winner of Best Short Film Kendal Mountain Film Festival. A short profile of James Pearson produced in 2007. 5 mins.

* The Groove - Finalist Banff Mountain Film Festival. The story of James' first ascent of The Groove E10. 19 mins.

* Walk of Life - Best Climbing Film, Banff Mountain Film Festival. The full story of James' ascent of The Walk of Life E12/E9! 21 mins.

* Rhapsody 3 - Finalist Kendal Mountain Film Festival. Steve McClure on Rhapsody. 10 mins.

* If You're Not Falling - Best Short Film Banff Mountain Film Festival. Sonnie Trotter's 2nd ascent of Rhapsody. 8 mins.

160 minutes of award winning climbing films on DVD.


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