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Tears of the dawn

Tears of the dawnJules lines is Britain's best free-solo climber. For those who follow the climbing scene closely, the stories of his death defying solos of hard extremes in the mountains have given him a reputation as a 'dark horse' figure in climbing. Those who only read climbing websites and magazines might not know so much about him. Jules has only ever shared his colourfoul climbing stories with friends, until now.

His autobiography is a brilliant insight into a life of adventure and adrenaline, played out alone, in the quiet corries of the Scottish highlands. Jules takes us through his adventures both in and out of climbing, and these make gripping reading for anyone, especially if you are a climber and can imagine being at your limit of a hard mountain trad route, except without a rope on! And we are not talking about a super star climber who does hard routes, makes them look easy and never seems to fall off. Take a look at the video below of Jules falling off from way too high on Hold Fast, Hold True (E9 6c) for an example of the kind of thing Jules is writing about.





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