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The art of ice climbing

The art of ice climbingA beautiful and inspiring book about everything ice climbing, whether you are fairly new to it, or a seasoned ice warrior. Produced by two commited 'ice head' Chamonix guides, the book starts off with a nicely produced history of worldwide ice climbing, complete with a timeline of landmark ascents and plenty of great historical photos.

Then comes an extensive and superb instructional section covering just about everything you could think of with clear text, great pictures and superb diagrams. For instance I've never seen such a clear description of how to sharpen ice screws and picks by yourself, the science of placing and reducing loading on ice protection during falls and good practice for other aspects of safety such as ropework and reading weather and avalanche conditions. I doubt there's an ice climber anywhere who woouldn't learn something new.

But this isn't just an instructional book. It's a coffee table book too, lavished with plenty of great and inspiring photography from venues all round the world, as well as essays from many famous names - Ueli Steck, Tim Emmett, Will Gadd, Beuno Sourzac, Mark Twight and many others. You might end up getting it as a superb gift for a fellow ice climber, and then getting a copy for yourself too.


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