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Tip Juice

Tip Juice balmMost keen climbers these days doing a lot of sport climbing or bouldering are using a skin balm to help speed the recovery of fingertip skin for the next session. It’s important not only for intact skin but especially to keep cuts and splits under control. If you don’t manage splits so they heal in a few days they keep opening and causing you problems for weeks. There are a few options around for balms, but right now I’m keen on this new balm which has been developed by an Aberdeen team of boulderers using natural and vegan ingredients. It works.



Hemp Oil - To rehydrate your skin.
Kokum Butter - To nourish those calluses.
Hemp Wax – To seal and protect.
Everlasting Flower – To promote skin renewal.
Calendula – To soothe and relieve.
Arnica – To heal.
Marshmallow Leaf- To calm and repair.
The Essential Oils – Full of goodness, that your skin needs to repair and calm itself…. No more angry skin.

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