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welcome to the hood

Welcome to the hood DVDFour of the world's strongest boulderers at present on tour opening new problems and dispatching world class repeats in Fontainbleau and across the big Swiss venues of Murgtal, Silvretta and Chironico. Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Guntram Joerg and Andy Gullsten team up and bounce off each other to dispatch a huge ticklist of tope end blocs. Well filmed and edited (can't be said for every bouldering movie that's for sure!) which makes it flow really well so you see the action you want to see. Paul Robinson opening new 8B+s in Font, Daniel Woods jaw dropping flash of Entlinge 8B+/8C (the worlds hardest flash at present) and Gullsten and Joerg on other Swiss testpieces such as Anam Cara 8B+/8C and Big Paw 8B+/8C. Great as always to see the contrast between the climbers trying the same hard problems. It's inspiring to see how different their movement styles, strengths and even occasional weaknesses are. PAL DVD. Length: 40 mins. 


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