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Do you offer private coaching for climbers?

At present I don’t usually have enough time to offer private 1:1 coaching for climbers. However, I do run group coaching sessions/seminars at my own wall in Roy Bridge once or twice a year. I always run sessions over the Fort William Mountain Festival weekend every February and occasionally add more sessions in the summer. They always sell out. Subscribe to my newsletter or drop me a line if you would like to be notified of when we are taking bookings.

Are you available for speaking events?

I enjoy presenting at lots of different types of events from climbing festivals to corporate events. If you’d like to discuss an event, drop me a line. I often speak about my own climbing adventures and hardest first ascents at many mountain festivals around the world, or about sport science and training for climbing.

I also speak to corporate clients, drawing from my experience both as a professional climber and in the sport performance and health sciences, on themes such as performance under pressure, achieving goals, behaviour change, teamwork and improving health and wellbeing.

Do you offer mountain filmmaking and aerial cinematography services?

I’ve been shooting and editing mountain films for over a decade and specialise in remote/mountain access film making. Our first film was the BAFTA New Talent Award winning film Echo Wall back in 2008! Since then we’ve had filmmaking partnerships with various corporate clients such as the Nevis Landscape Partnership.

I have worked on many films, both in front of the camera as a climber and behind it as a filmmaker for corporate clients and various broadcasting outlets including the BBC and Channel 5.

Claire and I are also qualified and insured drone pilots and offer aerial cinematography shooting with our range of DJI drones.

Do you guide in the mountains?

No, I don’t offer guiding/climbing instruction in the mountains.

Are you on a ketogenic diet?

I have spoken a little bit on various diet experiments I’ve done with myself over the past three years and as a result I get asked this a lot. I will likely write and/or film something substantial on this subject at some point. I have been cautious to do so thus far as I’m still experimenting and learning. However, I’m happy to say that I have had great results with a well formulated, athlete appropriate version of the ketogenic diet.

There are many different ways to approach this dietary strategy and I am still experimenting to find the nuance of what works best for specific situations. Much of the online discourse on keto diets is sub-optimal for athletes and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Like many, I’ve learned these the hard (best?) way. I am not permanently in ketosis, nor do I think this is important. But the strategy I tend towards most of the time sees me in mild ketosis some to most of the time.