Torridon Bouldering

Torridon Bouldering


After Dumbarton Rock, Torridon is Scotland's most famous bouldering area. However, the only reason Torridon is not much more famous, is because it's in the north west highlands. I imagine after the long awaited publication of this definitive guidebook to the bouldering here, it'll soon be as well known and visited as it ought to be.

What else has Torridon got going for it? It's in one of Scotland's most stunning glens, it gets better weather than the west highlands a bit further to the south, it's only about an hour from Inverness, many of the boulders are roadside and dry very quickly, even through the winter and some of the lines are the most striking you'll see anywhere. So, it's pretty good then.

The book has been lovingly produced by the area's main activists, Ian Taylor and Richie Betts. There are about 250 problems described, and with it being Torridon, the guide will be useful for finding the many remaining first ascents as well as established problems. Get the book, get up there and enjoy the friction. I'll hopefully see you there myself...

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